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Welcome and Hello,

     We are a family owned and operated Black Angus Farm. We named our farm because it was the hope and dream of mom (Linda) and dad (Ned) to have 20 head of Black Angus cows. Their daughters Jamie and Jennifer became quite attached to the Angus breed and Just a Few grew into Just Enuff, which sometimes mom and dad call “Too Many Angus”. We are currently running 38 cows, with calves and some show/replacement heifers to bring the grand total to just around 75.  Jamie and her husband Jerry are living at the farm, giving them the majority of the work with the cow herd.  Mom feeds the show barn located just a half mile up the road.  We all have 4-H backgrounds, and truly believe in the spirit of giving back to programs that give to the youth of America.  You can find some really tame heifer and steer projects at Just Enuff Angus.  You can also find all of us at many local fairs supporting our customers as they travel though their 4-H and Jr careers.

     Jamie is the brains behind our breeding program, she can be found studying pedigrees and phenotype when ever possible.  She understands today’s values, and tries to keep our herd in the “middle of the road” with this ever changing industry.  Our cattle are backed with years of production, maternal traits, good udder quality, and phenotype.  We offer high quality Registered Angus Cattle with pedigrees to meet today’s industry needs.  Our thoughts are to have cattle that are in the middle of the two extremes of the breed, they have manageable carcass traits but have a great phenotype.  We like to produce a high quality beef product for consumer, but we like to look at our cows too!  Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns at anytime, there have been many hands to help us in our 20 year journey, let us lend you a hand with your journey.

Jamie Brozman,
Owner and Herdswoman
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