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Just Enuff Angus

We are a family owned, family first farm who enjoys seeing healthy, happy cows in our fields.  We ultimately raise beef cattle for 3 top reasons, the end product "beef", the functional part "breeding", and the fun part "showing".  We like to think we have the best of both worlds.  Our cattle are tame, halter broke, and fun to be around.  We use AI breeding, and our own herd bulls to improve our genetics.  We believe in our cattle, we have 22 years of happy customers to prove it, and we welcome you to join our family!




Area 51 Club Calves

You may ask why 2 names, well Jerry Brozman who is married to Jamie, our daughter loves to see some color in the field.  He really enjoys sharing his cattle with juniors in the 4-H and youth programs.  He decided to persue some other breeds, and someone said what are those cattle doing at Just Enuff Angus.  He decided he needed a farm name too, and so the search began for a name.  Well if you know us we like to have fun, we took that comment about his cattle and ran with it.  Area 51 Cattle Company was born, a junction with Just Enuff Angus but with crossbreeds.  We can assure you we use the same standards for breeding them as we do the Angus.  We want structurally sound, functional cattle with color, eye appeal, hair, and thickness.  The crossbreds or "others" have done really well for Jerry.  He has sold some really nice steers whom have gone on to be Fair Champions, State Class Winners, and State Fair Champions.  These cattle are worth your evaluation!


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